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Our Google Workspace Services

If your organization has elected to use Google Workspace as the core suite of office utilities (Email, Calendar, File Storage, etc…), then you are likely interested in leveraging the tools for productivity, efficiency, security, collaboration, and flow. 

After 5 or 6 years of helping businesses with all types of operational technology Digital Ninja Consulting recognized that the Google suite of tools is powerful and vast. It is a specialty in and of itself. That is when Digital Ninja Consulting decided to focus service all around mastering the Google Workspace suite of tools.

Now, we’re in our eleventh year with a ton of experience in CRMs, project management tools, accounting tools, website development, email marketing tools, and more, but with a total focus on Google Workspace. What that means is that we know how Google Workspace effects your entire set of organizational tools. 

We’ve also been able to develop strong partnerships with experts in their respective technical verticals. In a world where everyone is trying to be everything, Digital Ninja is focusing on being masters of Google Workspace so our clients can get the most of the platform. 

Migrating to Google Workspace

Has your organization decided to move to Google Workspace, and are a little uneasy about the process? Digital Ninja Consulting migration services are one of our primary offers. We know that after a successful migration we’ll have proved our competency and experience, and that we’ll have gained another happy client.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Extraordinary service, exceptional knowledge and now a trusted partner! If you would have told me I’d love my IT partner after migrating off of a system I’d been using for 20 years I wouldn’t believe you but it’s true.

Digital Ninja not only provided the IT expertise we needed to execute our migration but they became a productivity partner by helping us before, during and after the migration.

No question was too small for an instant response or unexpected hiccup too quiet for real time problem solving. I can’t say enough about Digital Ninja and will continue to use and recommend them as much as possible!

Cindy Solomon / Chief Executive Officer

Marty and his entire team are truly (aptly) ninjas. We are a very busy small business who needed to make the shift from Office 365 and disparate cloud file solutions to the streamlined GSuite offerings. The only problem: our team had no time for the migration nor expertise for troubleshooting issues.

Marty and the Digital Ninjas to the rescue! They are responsive, customer-focused, patient, speak in a tech language I can understand, flexible to find the best solution and always focused on making it easy on me.

Without the capacity for an IT/Tech department of our own, this has been a dream. Even if I had one (and I’ve worked at some huge enterprises with great teams) – Digital Ninjas would put them to shame! Worth every cent of the reasonable investment. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sarah Lehmanm / Principal + Director of Strategy